Art deco

Art deco is a trend of architecture and arts and crafts of the 1920s and 30s. The expression comes from the word ‘art decoratif’. Its origin can be linked to art nouveau, the french secession, which is the expression of luxury and elegance. It inspired by the constructivism, futurism, and cubism as well as the Egyptian, Aztec, and Mayan art.

The art deco style uses straight, geometric lines. The furniture is characterized by bold, dashing lines: rounded corners, sharp contours. There is no unnecessary ornament that will allow mass production. It works with a strong, clear color. The basic element is the glitter: the use of polished chrome, polished brushed copper, expensive exotic materials (ivory, tinted glass, bronze, polished stones).

Using expensive raw materials, it creates a luxurious quality. An eclectic, functional-minded elegance that can represent a luxurious home.

Art deco stílus 1

Art deco stílus 2

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