Exotic style

This is a collective term for interior design styles of remote, mainly oriental areas. There are several trends according to lands, since each land has its own characteristic colours and shapes. Not comprehensively, the following styles are considered as exotic: Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, African and Moroccan.

All of them are characterised by closeness to nature, both in terms of materials used and shaping the living areas. Nature is part of the living area, lush, green gardens are part of the living room thanks to the huge glass surfaces. All of the countries use solid wood plastering, wooden and woven furniture, and natural stone paving and statues as well.

Japanese style is characterised by clean colours and shapes, minimalist furniture and natural colours. This kind of interior does not allow mess, a rigorous tidiness is characteristic. Furniture are simple, low built, paving is made of dark wood (wenge, mahogany) or very light wood (bamboo).

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The cornerstones of the style are the pull-out screens, paper lamps and space dividers. Carpets are not customary, if they use one, it should be made of natural material, soft and of a neutral colour. Different flowers, birds or calligraphic elements decorate the walls. While decorative pillows are not used, sitting pillows are.  In bedrooms they prefer a low bed without backrest, the windows have roller blinds and bulrush mats are used on the floor. In the bathrooms the bathtub gets a wooden panelling.

Indonesian style is characterised by valuable tropical hardwood furniture.  Placing opium-legged furniture, coffee tables and beds in open spaces is very popular. Grass lamps, everyday objects decorated by seashells and batik fabrics are great accessories for these spaces. Handicraft wooden and stone carvings are also characteristic.

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India is characterised by using many colours and patterns. They use bright, warm colours, strong base colours and their bright shades. Red, purple, pink, blue and yellow shades create a vibrant, cheerful interior. Dark wooden furniture with ornate carvings and metal inlays is characteristic.

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Moroccan style is based on geometric shapes and ornaments, which appears on walls, pierced wood carvings and lamps too. It’s characterised by ornate furniture and lamps, many white or sand coloured light pastel surfaces.

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African style uses lots of dark wood and animal patterns, which appear on carpets and upholsteries. Dark wood makes rooms warm and homely. Wooden statues, masks and headdresses complement the sight.

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