Eclectic style

Eclectic style mixes and matches the style elements from different periods in a bold and tasteful style. Metal, glass, exotic wood, plastic and different velvety tapestries come together in harmony. This style has no characteristic colours and materials. Its base concept is creating a pleasant and elegant interior by mixing the styles of remote periods, which can be even sleek, such as a bourgeois home with minimalist or retro furniture. Strictly speaking most of the styles can be considered as eclectic, since it’s quite rare that the characteristics of a single style are purely represented in an interior.

In order to create a harmonic interior we have to strive for certain uniformness in term of colours or materials, which holds together the pieces with different styles.  In terms of colours the uniform base can be using different shades of the same colour, or creating balance by using complementary colour pairs. The uniformness or contrast of used materials is created by striking the balance between matt and glossy, cornered and round.

This style uses harsh, outspoken and sometimes shocking combinations. The style itself is a rebellion against usual warehouse furniture. It’s easy to go over the edge by using unusual colours and materials, but if used with a good sense of styles, we can create unique, exciting spaces, which will by the way never go out of fashion.

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