One room package

Living room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, bathroom design

For whom?

  • For those, who are still before refurbishment, they have ideas for most of the rooms, but there is one problematic room.
  • For those, who are already finished with building their house, and there is one room left, for which they have no more ideas or energy.
  • For those, who are going to have a baby and they have to establish a room for the baby in the apartment/house out of the blue.
  • For those, who would like to carry out the renovation bit by bit, first only one room, and later the rest.
  • For those, who would like to see their ideas and the results of the consultation on 3D rendering plans.

Package content

  • the full content of the Idea package
  • after measurements, modelling the room’s floor plan with an interior design software, preparing floor plan drafts.
  • elaboration of the chosen floor plan: preparing 3D rendering plans with the interior design software.
  • pavement planning: exact, sized pavement planning for walls and floors, with specific pavings
  • lighting planning: proportional lighting planning for the rooms with exact connectors, switches and sockets
  • the package is valid for the following types of rooms: kitchen-dining room, bathroom, living room, hallway, bedroom, children’s room, wardrobe, study, relaxation room, guest room and all other rooms part of a residential building.
  • if you would like to order the planning for two rooms, e.g. for an open kitchen living room, you will get a discount from the total price for designing the two rooms, including two extra visits (in addition to the occasion of making the measurements) or “shopping” visits at a store.

Time limit

The process takes about 1-2 weeks.


HUF 95 000, in case of kitchen or bathroom design HUF 125 000*

*: for spaces with a complicated geometry and for complicated tasks the price can vary based on the specific negotiation. Prices are meant for rooms under 20 square metres, for larger rooms the price should be negotiated.