Glamour style

The word glamour itself means sparkling, shining. The expressly feminine style embodies pomp, luxury, hedonism and generosity, which can be modest or excessive, refined or modern. Originally it used to be the reflection of the movie star’s style, recalling the atmosphere of old Hollywood dressing rooms. The base principle of the style is to emphasize the personality of the owner. It displays all the ornaments we use when choosing our dresses: strass, pearls, tassels, flaps, feathers, fur, velvet, silk, gold, silver. In addition it also applies floral patterns, mirrors, glass, pearl shell, crystal and shiny metal surfaces. Lighting has an important role: shining lights, bright crystal chandeliers, and elegant glass lamps – the main thing is that they reflect a lot of light. Minimalist baroque elements are also accepted, using art deco is almost compulsory. Its colour are characterised by black, white, gold and silver, but sometimes also baby blue, purple and pink get a role.

Glamour stílus 2


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