High-tech style

High-tech style is characterised by futuristic, spectacular, sometimes unrealistic shapes. They usually reflect generosity and wealth. This style suits offices and public buildings the best. In its pure form the materials used lacking natural origin make in unfit for living: chromed steel pipes, huge glass surfaces, concrete and quality plastics are used. Furniture are designed with extremely cornered or extremely curved lines. The style does not shy away from using bright colours either. Placing a baroque or Art Nouveau item in the sterile space can be a good way of shocking. Using ample amounts of artificial lighting is an important style element: it uses colourful and ample lights. Originally the style does not use any natural elements, but according to the most recent trends it does incorporate wood, stone, leather and soft carpets, which make this style much more homely.

High tech stílus 1


High tech stílus 2


High tech stílus 3