Industrial style

The style is characterised by huge undivided spaces, which represent luxury and the loft way of living. It leaves industrial architectural elements uncovered in the interior space and emphasizes them: metal- or concrete columns, beams, original uncoated brickwork, concrete coatings, huge divided windows, uncovered pipelines, bathroom water pipes. Concrete is used generously, it can be used for floors, kitchen counters, sinks and bathtubs. Wood, stone and glass also play a role. The basic requirement for this style is 5-8 metres of internal height and huge open spaces.  The furnishings are mixing old and new pieces and reusing wooden materials. It can use objects is unusual functions, which differ from the original. Neutral and metallic colours dominate the style, there are not many textiles, so the home created using this style is less homely. It uses industrial lamps, large clocks and metal objects as accessories. Stainless steel fridges, chrome accessories are very characteristic, but a few antique furniture can also appear. As a result of having to fill a large space, the furniture pieces are large too. Carpets and large size oil paintings can be stylish accessories for this trend too.

Industrial stílus 3


Industrial stílus


Industrial stílus 2