Full apartment package

Full interior design

Lakberendezés Budapest

For whom?

  • For those, who are preparing for a complete reconstruction, but are too busy to look up everything themselves.
  • For those, who would like to create a practical and beautiful home on the first try, and don’t want to complain later, that next time they will know how to do it.
  • For visual types, who would like to “check” the space on proportional floor plans and wall sections and 3D renders before beginning the work.
  • For those, who would like to have a list of furniture, pavements, lightning, textile and other auxiliaries to buy.
  • For those, who would like to precisely know the cost of the refurnishing before it begins.

Package contents

  • the full content of the One room package for the full apartment/house
  • wall movements: incorporation of wall demolitions/building needed to reorganise space on the floor plans.
  • consignment: list of the pavements, furniture, lights, textiles and auxiliaries to be built into the apartment, with sources and prices.
  • an addition to the interior design package, the Furniture packagefor one piece of furniture.
  • referral of professionals/construction team for carrying out the work
  • it contains four extra visits (in addition to the measurement visit) as local consultation or shopping” visits at a store.

Time limit

The full interior design process usually takes about 1-2 months, but based on the requirements and the complex nature of the task and delivery deadlines we can also agree a shorter or longer time limit.


The following table is an indication for prices, just for information. The final price depends on the task and is always determined individually, based on agreement.

<35 36-70 71-120 121<
Ft/m2 7500 7150 6750 6350
<35 7500
36-70 7150
71-120 6750
121< 6350

Environmental consciousness

If needed, economic furnishing aspects will be considered during the consulting.