Idea package – interior design consulting

Lakberendezési tanácsadás

For whom?

  • For those, who already decided for the refurnishing, thought a lot about the optimal interior, maybe even too much, so an external professional can help to asses and frame their ideas.
  • For those, who are already accustomed to the furniture, which they thought they would change later on, and ran out of ideas how to change them.
  • For those, who would like to revive their home or give it a unique touch, who would like new ideas or are simply curious what opportunities can be uncovered in the space given.
  • For those, who would like to design their living space themselves, but need a few more ideas for the “final touch”.
  • For those, who have not decided about refurnishing and would not like to decide right away.

Package contents:

  • Travelling to the location in Budapest and Pest County.
  • Clarification of Your ideas and needs.
  • Measurement of affected rooms.
  • Interior design consulting, including:
  • Style consulting: we choose the most appropriate interior design style for your wishes and the apartment features with the help of my style catalogue compilation.
  • Colour consulting: using colour cards and other catalogues.
  • Suggestions for the apartment layout.

Time limit

2 hours


HUF 30 000*

* This price is valid for Budapest locations.

The package offers are permeable: If for example you order the Idea Package, you can still decide to order extra services, and the price of the Idea package will be included in the larger package, the same way as for other package offers.

Environmental consciousness

If needed, economic furnishing aspects will be considered during the consulting.