Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style makes us think about rustic surfaces, freestone paving, low angle roofs, shuttered windows, earthen colours and wrought iron accessories. However, the style is more complex, it’s an umbrella term for Spanish, Italian, South-French and Greek styles, with colours and shapes characteristic of each land.

All of them are characterised by using natural materials, cold paving, limestone, sandstone. They use soft shaped classic sofas, open shelves in the kitchen, wooden dining tables, wooden beams, antique, provincial furniture. Its colours are earthen colours, yellow, terracotta. Modern and antique objects can complement each other very well.

Spanishstyle uses powerful, fiery, warm colours: red and yellow, and glazed tiles. Old wooden chests ornamented with ironed straps are characteristic elements of this style. Walls painted bright red are well complemented by terracotta floor tiles, flower pots, colourful glazed tiles and wrought iron furniture.

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Greekis a very sleek style, there are almost only two colours used, white and blue, which represents the sea, and the furniture items are accordingly simple. These two colours create an elemental effect in the interior. Whitewashed walls and rustic surfaces characterise this style. There are no exaggerations, sometime the characteristic geometric patterns are used as ornaments. Only a few furniture are used, a bed with baldachin is characteristic. The materials used are wool, cotton, linen and earthenware.

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Provencal is a characteristic provincial style from Southern-France, which uses dull, pastel colours, brightly painted worn wrought iron and wooden furniture and old everyday items.  Naturalism and simplicity is characteristic. Lavender is very common, just like lace and linens with floral, striped and chequered patterns. Colourful shatters and freestones decorate the houses. Airy interiors are paved by wooden floors or ceramic tiles. Painting the brickworks and using patchy painting techniques is also characteristic.

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From all the Mediterranean styles Italian might be the most elegant one with its tasteful, harmonic spaces, which are spectacular, but not ostentatious. This style is the cross-section of passionate art and elegance. The style is human-centred, liveable, and comfortable. Its colours are fine yellow, ochre and orange. It uses quality materials and furniture: marble, granite, terracotta.

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For all of the styles above, roomy and bright spaces are a must. We can create a warm and homely atmosphere with these styles.