Minimal style

Space plays a decisive role in minimal style.  Its motto is: let space serve the man. The style has Bauhaus roots, and is characterised by artistic simplicity and design.

Airy, sleek interiors, simple forms and order, perfect cleanness constitutes this style. Harmony and balance are basic too: everything harmonises with everything else.

The essence of the style is the airy arrangement of furniture and large empty spaces. It needs a lot of space, so it cannot be realised in small apartments, or only by making serious compromises.

Larger, more pronounced furniture pieces have to be placed according to a certain rhythm so that they separate the space into functions. Furniture pieces are simple, with straight lines, good quality, upholsteries are not patterned. The large geometric sofa with straight lines is the centre of the space. Lighting is emphasized, using huge standing lamps, lights hidden in suspended ceilings. Pronounced electric appliances are essential style elements: huge TVs and speakers. Walls are painted white or beige. Carpets can be black, white or beige, without any patterns. The huge windows are covered by vertical blinds or panel curtains. The large spaces accommodate plants with large green leaves in huge pots.

The kitchen is spacious with few divisions, hidden or very long handles. Instead of tiles, glass or metal is used for the walls. The upper cabinets are not so high, and have vertically opening or elevating fittings. Built-in kitchen appliances are arranged strictly symmetrically. The kitchen cabinet has deep drawers, which hide all utensils, nothing is left on the counters.

Bathrooms are characterised by constructed shower cabins and glass walls. Large floor tiles are combined with mosaic.  Built-in dark bathroom cabinets are just as characteristic for this style as the few decorations arranged in pairs, such as candles.

For an elegant environment it’s nice to combine wood, metal and warm earthen colours, and for a youthful environment you can choose a few brighter but not too outspoken colours and apply them repeatedly over the space. Grey, earth- and rust brown is characteristic with a little black, white, beige, olive, pale yellow. It uses no more than two contrasting colours in parallel. Ample natural light is essential for the relatively poor colour palette used.


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