Modern style

This is the most popular interior design style. It’s characterised by simplicity and function. Its popularity is due to the fact that it can be applied well in small spaces too.

The essence of the style is finding the right combination of lightning, space, form, function, colour and texture. Order and precision with a few furniture pieces and accessories, which are placed without following any strict rules. The balance of angular sharp lines and round arched forms characterises this style. The spaces are well-thought: everything has its own place. White or neutral walls make great backgrounds for streamlined, sleek furniture. The spacious, open-plan rooms and well-thought solutions allow creating a practical and comfortable home.

Walls, counters, floors and furniture surfaces are emphasized. Materials used are metals, wood, glass and plastic. Kitchen fronts are made with horizontal grain wood without milling and long handles. The combination of wood and shiny surfaces, acid glass in aluminium frames and built-in kitchen machinery and arched kitchen islands are also common. White, pastel or grey walls give a neutral background for the streamlined furniture.

Tapestries, wallpapers and blinds that hang down to the ground are decorative, patterns are allowed too. Decorative pillows, throws have emphasized materials or patterns. The floors are covered with large sized rectangular tiles with minimal joints. Carpeted floors and patterned carpets are also used. Colours applied are shades of brown and grey, with patches of brighter colours. Built-in warm lights are used for illumination. This style created a friendlier and warmer interior than minimal. Comfort and homeliness are priorities. This interior design style can be mixed with many others with great results.

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