Bourgeois style

Bourgeois style is a lifestyle, the expression of modest, eternal elegance and stability. This style requires space: high ceilings, large windows and spacious open rooms are basic for showing off the style elements.

High-category, quality materials are used: traditional floorboards, Persian rugs, noble textile, taffeta and organza curtains hanging to the floor, imposing chandeliers, golden framed mirrors, family portraits in ornate frames, stucco plasters, patterned silk wallpapers.  Two-winged panelled interior doors and windows, original shiny copper door handles decorate the rooms. Upholstered solid wood chairs and sofas with carved legs are also accessories for comfort and luxury. The colours used are warm pastel shades. Textiles, wallpapers and wall painting can be patterned, stuccos can be overdone. Bookshelves full of books are important elements of this style, a library may even appear.  The centre of the apartment is the dining room with a dining table for at least 8 people. Fine porcelain is displayed in the cabinet, which is used every day. Furniture have milled doors and copper handles. The kitchen cabinets have a crown on their top.

Spaces are airy and practical, but sometimes look theatrical. Materials used are usually demanding: marble, exotic woods, stained glass, crystal chandeliers. The style creates a representative milieu with its lavish use of materials. We can create a luxurious, lasting value traditional space with the application of its style elements.

One of the substyles is the modern bourgeois style, when we decorate the classic interior with modern furniture, spiced up with one or two pieces of original accessories.

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