Neo-baroque style

This style displays the simple elements of minimal together with the exaggerations of baroque, resulting in a modern impact. Glamour, pomp and meticulous ornamentation are base elements. This style, as its name indicates, uses the arched, ornate furniture and accessories of the baroque era in a new shape in terms of colours and materials.

It usually applies cold colours, black, white, silver, purple, but these are counterbalanced with warm colours, like gold and ecru. In terms of materials patterned upholsteries, wallpapers, curtains, leather, velvet, silk, feather, fur and strass are common, but injection moulded plastics are popular too. Sleek lines are paired up with ornate materials, or just the other way around, ornate furniture pieces get simple monotone upholstery. Large floral patterns are almost a must, which can appear on the walls too. Combining matte and shiny surfaces is also common.

Its accessories are carved golden frames, picture frames, candle-holders in modern shape, glass-bead lamps and huge crystal chandeliers. It’s a feminine style, which does not need large spaces, it can be realised in smaller rooms too by using the right style elements.

Neobarokk stílus 1


Neobarokk stílus 3


Neobarokk stílus 2