Eco-friendly interior design

Did you ever consider what kind of materials are evaporating from the freshly painted walls and furniture while drying, which we are breathing each day and even sleep surrounded by it?

Today we look at many areas of life with an “eco-friendly” view, we pay attention to what we eat, what kind of cosmetic products we use, and we collect our garbage selectively. However, only a few people think about using materials in their homes, which are good for our environment and good for us too.

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We cannot change the ready-made structure of the house of course, but we can still decide what kind of paint we apply on the walls, what kind of furniture we select, how do we treat their surfaces.

Since natural is always harmonic, we mostly feel good in an environment, which brings us closer to nature. This suggests using different natural materials, such as wood, stone, etc. Today’s modern technologies allow replacing artificial materials by natural ones in cases, where there was no chance to do so before. The selection of different kinds of wallpapers, 3D wall panels, tapestries includes ones made with absolutely natural production methods and ingredients. The picture is made complete by glues and paints made out of natural ingredients, which have no harmful substance emission at all.

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We consider the future of the planet when we buy products from producers, who use materials from sustainable sources. And what’s even more important: recycling. We can restructure our old, worn furniture and buy used furniture for renovation, which allows designing a really unique interior.

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If protecting your own and wider environment, your and your family’s health, choose nature for your home. Ask for our offer now for your eco-friendly interior design!