Retro style

Retro creates a cheerful, lively, playful and funny interior with its intensive, vibrant colours and distinct lines.

Pink, cherry red, bright yellow, mint, grey shades, black and white, brown and white contrasts are all commonly used. The style prefers geometrical shapes, large patterns on furniture, walls and textiles as well. Flowers, circles, squares and wavy patterns also appear. The round, streamlined furniture pieces often have a shiny surface. Shiny plywood is preferred over solid wood.  The style is complemented with huge plastic lampshades hanging low. Kitchen and electronic appliances, such as refrigerator, TV and radio are designed to fit the style too.

It breaks away from naturalness, and gives space to plastics and metal surfaces. Artificial leather is often used for the futurist sofas and armchairs in red, black or brown colours. The secret is that just by choosing a few simple and mobile retro accessories we can already establish the right atmosphere, just take care not to overdo it. It can spice up minimal, modern and vintage styles very well, and the exotic interiors with leopard and zebra patterns.

Retro stílus 1


Retro stílus 2


Retro stílus 3