My profession

I can’t remember a time of my life, when I have not been doing interior decoration, although that was not how I called it back then. Even as a little girl I was amazed by the scent of freshly painted wood. I grew up in a family, where I had a lot of opportunities to practice DIY projects thanks to my parents, who are enthusiastic handymen, so home improvement became a part of my life naturally.

It took a long time for the hobby to become a profession, until I realised with the support of a very important person that I can use my talents not only for beautifying my own surroundings, but to bring joy to the everyday life of people open for beauty and precision by realising a well-planned interior, or only by applying a few sophisticated add-ons. This is the value added created by me.

About my work

I believe that I can make the best of your apartment too, depending on your needs. Challenges inspire me, I stand up for them. According to my experience, we can always find the solution for any kind of planning problem together with the customer, may that be exclusive interior design consulting, rendering or full interior design planning. The result of that collaboration is a personalised, detailed plan, which even You are able to carry out with the construction team You prefer or I suggest.