Shabby chic style

This is a light, feminine style, or rather lifestyle, which is based on striving for imperfection. The impact of Provincial style filtrated into this style. The style uses elegant but old, worn furniture, old makes new furniture appear old to get the same effect. Its essence is being humane, having loveable and comfortable spaces and furniture. All in all it’s a light and airy style with a little bit of country charm. It’s easy to mix with other styles.

Its colours are white, light pastel and cotton candy shades: yellow, pink, blue, and green combined with white.  Furniture pieces are bleached and worn for the antique look. Painted, varnished, cracked surfaces are also typical, and so are rust stains and worn paint. It uses a lot of textiles: frilly, floral, dotted and chequered canvas and cotton.

Accessories: old wooden boxes, lace tablecloths, hurricane lamp, roses and hearts in all quantities, which can appear on porcelain, textiles,  upholsteries or even the walls.

This style is best fitted for country homes and weekend houses, but some of the elements can be used in urban homes too.

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