Scandinavian style

The most important feature of Scandinavian style is simplicity, which is not the same as minimalism. It uses natural materials, floral and animal patterns and natural colours.

Large windows are characteristic, since the sun is shining only for a very little time for months in the Scandinavian countries. This is compensated with the interior design and colours of the living space. Many shiny surfaces are used, which make the room even brighter through reflecting the light. For the same reason, lights are an emphasized element of the style.

Natural materials and organic shapes are favoured. White or light, neutral coloured walls are a great background for natural wood furniture. They often paint furniture and floors white too. Floors are made out of wooden boards, they don’t really use laminates. Fireplaces are also commonly used. Warmness is represented by soft, long fibre carpets and animal furs. Furniture pieces are simple, shapes are pure, sleek, but also snug and comfortable. It is a very harmonic and tidy, absolutely liveable style.

The works of Scandinavian designers are very popular, such as Arne Jacobsen’s egg or swan chair.

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