Provincial style

Provincial or country style is an umbrella term as well, with some overlapping with Mediterranean. This style is all about being close to nature, simplicity and recalling the roots.

Its subcategories are the English, Dutch, Provence, American, Scandinavian and Tuscan provincial styles.  All of them stress creating a homely, intimate climate with natural materials (wood, stone, ceramics, bricks, cotton, linen, leather) and some motives characteristic of that area. It uses old-looking furniture, antique ordination is a common painting method. Spaces are characterised by being emotional: bouquets on the table, boxes, wicker baskets, hat holders, chests, candle holders, embroideries and needlework.  Arches, boards and old wooden floor boards are all typical motives of the provincial style. Old furniture with wooden carvings from different eras appear next to the new ones. The room has a fireplace or stove with a wicker basket filled with logs next to it. In the bathroom we often find a bathtub on legs.

English style is all about traditions and practicality. It uses good raw materials with excellent processing, creating durable furniture.  Spaces are well-thought, homely and comfortable, but not an inch larger than necessary. They preserve their objects, resulting in crowded salons and dining rooms. Floral wallpapers and wooden wall plastering is very common, they use fireplaces in all the rooms, and eared armchairs. We can create reserved interiors, which radiate notability and discrete luxury.

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Dutch style uses worn furniture and the combination of blue and white colours. The style has a kind of romantic charm despite using cold colours, which is coming from the shape of furniture and accessories used.

Vidéki stílus

Hungarian country style is very well known with its tiled stove, decorative plates on the wall, wickers, furniture decorated by tulips, embroidered cloths, small benches and worn sideboard.

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