Vintage style

Vintage is a nostalgic style, its base element is mixing old or old-looking objects with new ones. Part of the furniture is modern classic, retro, or art deco, which can be mixed with new furniture. This way we can create a unique interior.

As opposed to retro, this style does not use harsh colours and surfaces, it’s much more romantic and girly, with pastel shades. Furniture are monochrome, or if colourful, their colours harmonise very well with each other.  Only textiles are colourful and this creates balance in the interior. Materials used are warm coloured woods, basket, pots and natural materials with occasional shiny or lacquered surfaces as a contrast. Old photos, graphics and aquarelles decorate the neutral walls. Rugs and oriental tapestries are popular accessories. Old objects can fulfil a different function from their original one, e.g. the old sewing machine base can serve as a dressing table, or the old suitcase can serve as a coffee table. If the style elements are used with taste, they can create a refined, yet exciting and happy interior.

Vintage stílus 2


Vintage stílus 3


Vintage stílus 3